Positive Boundaries evaluations

Evaluation of individual workshops

Our evaluations were devised by Deborah Sheppard at Hertfordshire Mental Health and Well Being Team-Hertfordshire County Council 2009. The evaluations consist of 2 scale shift questions, 4 circle the answer questions, 5 tickbox questions and 3 written questions. For evaluation copy please email info@teenboundaries.co.uk

TeenBoundaries sexual bullying workshops evaluation


Aschroft School Luton Yr 10′s and Year 9′s: 2011:

99% of young people felt it was a valuable use of their time. In section 5 of the evaluations, Q: What will you do as a result of this session answers from evalautions, here werethe pupils' answers:


  • Not send pictures
  • Never send photos
  • I know how sexual bullying affects boys
  • I will understand the effects of sexual bullying and effects it has on people
  • Recognise this type of bullying more
  • Try and be yourself and try not to copy other peoplelook out
  • I will try and challenge sexual bullying
  • I will hopefully be more confident about my self
  • In the future i would be careful of what I say or do in the future to upset people
  • Take what ive learnt and help my friends if it happens
  • Help people and not say nasty stufftop joking about rape with my mates
  • Be more aware
  • Be more aware of this topic
  • Be more educated when it comes to sexual bullying
  • Try and help
  • Sex and love can be two different things, sleeping with a guy doesnt mean he will fall in love with me
  • Help people suffering from sexual bullying
  • Go forward with further knowledge on how to deal/avoid sexual bullying
  • I will try and help friends if they are sexually bullied.
  • Be more aware of sexual bullying
  • Challenge sexual bullying
  • Not to moloster girls
  • Take further care when dealing with these situations, be more sensitive to the victims
  • Take sexual bullying more seriously and be more aware of it
  • It was really good and a lot of advice
  • Be careful
  • Write down 3 things i like about me when i feel ugly
  • Be part of the boys, but not be bad to the girls


Based on 1,305 pupils from April 2010 to 1st October 2010:

  • 99% of pupils felt it was a valuable use of their time
  • 95% of pupils did not feel happy with the way they look
  • 98% of pupils wanted follow-on lessons
  • 99% of pupils feel confused over why young people and adults wear sexy clothes

Based on 1,695 pupils from October 2009 to March 2010:

Feedback- 85% of pupils said sexual bulling is a very important issue. 12% said it’s an important issue and only 3% said it’s not an important issue.

  • 99% of pupils felt it was a valuable use of their time
  • 90% of students do not feel comfortable asking for help from teachers.

Do you have any comments/suggestions about the workshops:
‘Make it law to do these lessons’ Male pupil 13 yrs old

Can you list 3 things you would do differently as a result of the workshops? Male pupil 14 yrs old:

  • I’ll stop calling people ‘slags’ and ‘sluts’ as a joke.
  • Look out for sexual bullying
  • Help someone if they are being sexually bullied
  • Extra: It made me know why people have been getting away with it.

What teachers say about TeenBoundaries workshops

“The workshop on Friday was fantastic, the form thoroughly enjoyed it and were very engaged. It’s and interactive session which triggered lots of discussion. I was unsure as to how seriously they’d take it, but it went down very well.” Ms Friar- Yr 9 Teacher. Francis Combe School

“I was very impressed with the workshops, the students engaged and I have had many ask me when the next lesson is. We would like future workshops on a yearly basis for our Year 9’s.” Ms Biggs- Head of Year 9. MountGrace school

“Thanks a lot for coming in – from what I saw, the kids were really engaged and certainly took a lot away from it’. Mr Thomson Head of PHSE. Rickmansworth school

“Thanks so much for today, the kids loved it, I was walking around at break time asking them about it and they all said they found it really interesting”. Mr Kemp, PHSE Co-ordinator Sandringham School

“Many thanks for your workshops today. The girls really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. The balance of activities was just right”. Mrs Shrimpton, Watford Girls School.